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Seek Art School                                                                                                                                                                    

Southlands Methodist Church                                                                                                                                                   Bishopthorpe Rd, York                                                                                                                                                                         YO23 1NX





Day & Evening Art Classes                                      & Saturday workshops in York










Short slide lectures about relevant artists are given throughout                                          to inspire and give focus to the practical studio work.

As well as learning as a group there will be one-to-one tuition within the class.

Tea and coffee will be available at no additional cost


Term dates September 4th- December 21st (excl half term)





DAY CLASSES  Pay as you go £20/class, 4 for £70, whole term £220.

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Mondays 11.45am-2.45pm Drawing and Painting for Beginners.

Learn how to look and enjoy the process of making work you didn’t know was possible. No experience is necessary for your understanding to increase across a range of disciplines.  Relevant, experimental drawing exercises will teach you the basics of line, tonal drawing, composition and colour palettes.


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Fridays 9am-12noon Drawing and Painting for all abilities.

The course is designed for those who want to learn new skills or build upon existing ones. To learn how to look with purpose, is key to developing a greater understanding of the work you produce. The course will guide you through the creative process, using a full range of drawing and painting techniques and processes that will give greater creative depth to your developing work.



EVENING CLASSES  Pay as you go £16/class, 4 for £55, whole term £200


Tuesdays 7pm-9.30pm Figure Drawing for all abilities

This exciting course allows students the opportunity to sharpen their analytical and proportional observational drawing through nude, draped and clothed poses, as well as exploring the emotional implications of being human. You will be taught how to experiment with focus, composition, lighting, tonal and colour palettes to create the required mood.


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Thursdays 7pm-9.30pm Drawing and Painting for all abilities

Learning to draw and paint is a great way of fully appreciating the world around us. Understanding about line, tone, light and shade and composition gives you a solid grounding into the fundamentals of looking. Different materials, techniques and processes will be explored throughout the term, that will enable you to see your subject in a variety of ways.



SATURDAY WORKSHOPS £70/class  9.30am-4.30pm for all abilities 


29th September  Printmaking- Monoprinting

The artist Edgas Degas used monoprinting as a means to explore composition and qualities of light. These were then used to develop ideas for oil and chalk pastel drawings and paintings. Working from a variety of subjects you will use this simple process of image making to develop your own ideas and discover a fresh way of seeing the things in front of you.




20th October  Using Sketchbooks and Developing Visual Ideas

‘I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else’ Pablo Picasso

A sketchbook can be used as a space to play, germinating an artist’s ideas and taking their work in new directions. Beginning with observational drawing and personal photos you will work in new directions. Beginning with observational drawing and personal photos you will use a variety of media including collage, acrylics, pastels and printmaking. These will result in colour and compositional options that communicate your developing ideas.



24th November  Imagined Landscape

Working in the studio from your own recorded subject matter and memory, students will develop their own visual direction through drawing, painting and printmaking. Starting with smaller studies the work will result in a final piece. Using the landscape motif, we will explore the broader implications of the subject and how it expresses the physical and emotional sense of place.



8th December  The Language of Drawing

Drawing helps us to understand what we are seeing and is as unique and recognisable as our own signature. Working from a studio installation, we will use a variety of materials including pencil, charcoal, graphite and oil bar to discover your own visual voice. We will go through a series of structured exercises, gradually evolving your work into a sustained final piece.








You may be an established artist that just feels stuck with your own creative development or a beginner that needs guidance in finding your own creative voice. Discussing ideas, techniques and processes can open up a whole new direction of thinking.

Colin Black has years of experience teaching students of all ages to find their personal direction and career pathway.

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