Online Class

"I have thoroughly enjoyed all the art projects Colin has set. The weekly online video chat keeps the sense of community and mutual encouragement. Being able to see the range and divergence of each other's work is inspiring."

£20 a week

  • Thursday 6 pm payment deadline.
  • Friday morning project sent out.
  • Wednesday lunchtime return of completed work deadline.
  • Wednesday/Thursday comments sent, plus a portfolio of everyone’s work.
  • Thursday at either 3pm or 8pm video conference for discussion of everyone’s work.

Sample project


The theme for this week’s project is shoes. Going outside has been, for most of us this week, a restricted activity.  We have been encouraged to shop for food only if necessary and limit going outside for exercise to only once a day. I had this picture of our shoes looking at us like a dog would longing for it’s owner to take it out for ‘walkies’.

We have different shoes for different occasions. We may have a special pair for those times when we need to look our best. We have an everyday pair for when we don’t need to think too much about appearance.  We have ones that we’ve had for sometime and even though they’re wearing out, we’ve become somehow emotionally attached to them, like old friends, and you don’t want to get rid.

The images this week are by Vincent Van Gogh who drew and painted a variety of his shoes. His old tatty shoes have also seen better days, but because of that they have real character.


Think about some of the sentiments mentioned above. Consider ideas about character, personality, function, freedom and restriction.

PRACTICAL PROJECT ( Three Hours ) 1-3 drawings

Choose a pair of shoes and draw them from whatever angles you feel brings out their unique qualities.

You can choose what materials you use. Also you choose what size of paper.  If you only have a pencil, use that. If you have paint, collage material, glue and scissors, feel free to use them. The important thing is try and capture the quality of the shoes. Also remember the size of the shoes in the drawings  don’t need to be the shoes actual size.


Vincent Van Gogh

In particular, his drawings of farm labourers and rural landscapes.