Online Class

    • A cohesive set of six projects sent fortnightly on alternate Thursday evenings, beginning 8th September 2022.
    • £120, payment deadline seven days before the first one will be sent.
    • Gift card available on request.
    • Individual projects may be received for £22 each, payment deadline 4pm Wednesday, the day before the project is sent.
    • Work to be submitted by email by Monday noon ten days after receipt, i.e. the week the zoom chat will happen.
    • Individual feedback will be sent by email.
    • All the collated work with a zoom invitation will be sent on Wednesdays.
    • 8pm Thursday video conference on all the work


    • Thursday 6 pm payment deadline.
    • Friday morning project sent out.
    • Wednesday lunchtime return of completed work deadline.
    • Wednesday/Thursday comments sent, plus a portfolio of everyone’s work.
    • Thursday at either 3pm or 8pm video conference for discussion of everyone’s work.

    Additional information

    Number of Classes

    Single Class, 6 Classes